At Stacer, we have worked hard to design models which offer a sensational ride and superior "strength to weight" ratios. Utilising alloy press forming technology, we've created solid, rigid hulls which deliver outstanding on-water performance in both large and small models.
“Stacer’s smaller models feature the renowned EVO Hull but recent research and development has led to the introduction of the new EVO Series II hull on larger mod pod models. The EVO Series II hull delivers added spray deflection, faster/flatter planing, a softer ride, sure footed turning/tracking and enhanced stability. Stacer’s superior design features make our boats firm family favourites.”
When you decide to invest in a Stacer, you can be certain that you have made the right choice. After all we are boating people ourselves and go all-out to make the kind of boats we would want to own.
We build fishing and family friendly boats with practical features that are easily affordable and safe to operate, easy to handle and trailer, economical, require minimal maintenance and are long lasting. That's why today we enjoy the respect of many satisfied customers and take pleasure in the considerable amount of repeat business from current Stacer owners wishing to upgrade to newer models.
When you step aboard a Stacer you'll be pleasantly surprised by our attention to detail. We include fixtures and fittings that our competitors consider 'optional extras'. Accessory Kits are incorporated into most of the larger models in the Stacer range. These include navigation lights, auto float bilge pump, battery box with isolator switch and 4 gang switch panel. For precise handling, hydraulic steering is a standard feature on 5.65 and 6.05m models, while seat sliders feature across almost the entire large boat range. You will find many of our models have generous underfloor fuel tank capacity, so you needn't waste your valuable time refuelling when you could be having fun on the water.
At Stacer, we're dedicated to keeping the customer satisfied. After 30 years in the industry our boats have established a solid reputation for inherent reliability and longevity. Whether you are an angler, a first time boat buyer, or an experienced mariner, we want you to enjoy all the benefits of a product built to go the distance. That's why we have created a network of authorised dealers who are committed to providing an enjoyable buying experience along with excellent after sale service.

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