Mercury celebrates OptiMax's 10th anniversary

Mercury celebrates OptiMax's 10th anniversary with Worldwide Calibration

Mercury Marine's direct-injected OptiMax engine, winner of the 2006 J.D. Power award for customer satisfaction in Direct Injected engines, received a global birthday present - worldwide calibration - to celebrate its 10th birthday. In addition to this accolade Mercury Marine can now boast the widest range of low emission outboard product available in the industry. Under the new VELS labeling system in Australia, Mercury continue to offer an industry leading 35 low emission outboard engines. A great feat that will cement Mercury in the DFI, EFI/4-Stroke markets for years to come. OptiMax, introduced in 1996, was designed and developed for the world market in Australia and was the world's first direct-injected two-stroke outboard. "Worldwide calibration" means OptiMax outboards, ranging from 75 to 225 hp, meet the environmental standards for most of the world. "We have shown the world that OptiMax is an adaptable and versatile engine technology," said Ken Evans, Director of Outboard Sales. "It has a fuel system capable of meeting EPA restrictions, and now it has achieved worldwide calibration." OptiMax was a pioneer product when it was introduced as a two-stroke Direct Injected engine that possessed many favourable attributes of a four-stroke outboard, including impressive fuel economy and reduced emissions. It was widely accepted almost immediately, and has recently climbed to new heights of popularity. "As four-stroke outboards entered the market there was a period of time when people thought the four-stroke was the only way to go," said Evans. "Now, with OptiMax technology and the refinement we have put into it, the boating public has two great options of outboard engine technologies to choose from." In February 2006, J.D. Power and Associates recognized OptiMax as "Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Two-Stroke DFI Outboard Engines." In 2006 Mercury introduced the 250 Pro XS OptiMax and the 300 XS OptiMax. The addition of these engines provides consumers greater outboard variety and choice. OptiMax offers a wide range of horsepower models, digital throttle and shift (on select models) and SmartCraft technology on all models. "The 10th birthday marks a highpoint for OptiMax," said Evans. "It is as strong as ever and getting stronger. OptiMax is part of our product plan and our product line-up for many years into the future. As an outboard technology, it is a great choice for customers with outstanding performance, reliability and best-in-class fuel economy."

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