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The Polycraft 3.00 Tuff Tender is as the name suggests. Tuff Tender!!! The Polycraft 3.00 Tuff Tender was designed as a tender for larger vessels as the Polyethylene construction is less abrasive when pulling up along side Gel Coat and Painted Hulls.
The Polycraft 3.00 Tuff Tender is one of the most stable boats in its class, due to its unique tri hull design and dual skin design, which has also led to its popularity with fisherman for our inshore water ways. The Polycraft 3.00 Tuff Tender can be either carried on roof racks, utilities or trailers, whichever your preference.
Features included in the Polycraft 3.00 Tuff Tender are recessed stainless grab / carry handles, moulded Anchor Well, Cleat and Stainless Shackle.
The Polycraft 3.00 Tuff Tender is available in various colours and options available are - Carpeted Floor, Rear Storage Compartments, Ski Hooks, Casting Platform, Bimini.
Standard Features included are - Anchor Well, Bow Shackle, Cleat, Polycraft Logo, Rod Holders x 2, Rowlocks x 2, Stainless Hand Rails, Transom Plate Aluminium.
The Polycraft 3.00 Tuff Tender is rated to a maximum horsepower rating of 15hp and 3 Adult Capacity rating.

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Length: 3.00m
Length (boat/motor/trailer): 4.30m
Height on trailer: 1.05m
Beam: 1.40m
Depth: 0.54m
Weight: 75.00kg
Shaft Length: 15.00 inches
HP Rating: 15
Capacity: 3 People (180kg)

Standard Features
3.0 Hand Rails
3.0 Rod Holder
3.0 Rowlocks
3.0 Transom Plate
Anchor Well
Bow Shackle

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