Customer Testimonials

Steven, September 2013 (Blue Fin)
Great bunch of blokes & easy to deal with.

Nayz, August 2013 (Crownline)
It was great to be able to call or drop by and get further assistance when required or any of the other team. Also Rob was very helpful with taking us out on boat after to the broadw ater etc to help us gain a bit more confidence with the handling etc. Overall a very helpful team to have purchased through :)

Aaron, August 2013 (Blue Fin Rogue)
Loving the boat.

David, August 2013 (Crownline)
Great service, 100 % happy!

Ben, August 2013 (Blue Fin Mangrove Jack)
Your team at Nitro is great. Nothing is ever a problem with any question I have or problem with the boat. Great service.

Matt, August 2013 (Blue Fin Rogue)
Thanks for the great package guys, love the boat and having so many good weekends with the kids on the canals, and fishing all day long, thank you!

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