Trouble Shooting your Outboard

If you starter motor will not crank the engine
Possible causes are:
-Blown fuse in the starting circuit.
-Outboard is not shifted to neutral position.
-Weak battery or battery connections are loose or corroded.
-Ignition key switch failure.
-Wiring or electrical connection faulty.
-Starter motor solenoid or slave solenoid failure.

If your engine cranks but will not start
-Lanyard stop switch not in "RUN" position.
-Battery not fully charged.
-Incorrect starting procedure. Refer to your manual for proper procedure.
-Old or contaminated fuel.
-Fuel is not reaching the engine.
-Fuel tank is empty.
-Fuel tank vent not open or restricted.
-Fuel line is disconnected or kinked.
-Primer bulb not squeezed.
-Primer bulb check valve is faulty.
-Fuel filter is obstructed.
-Fuel pump failure.
-Fuel tank filter obstructed.
-Open fuse.
-Threaded connection of an air hose is loose.
-Ignition system component failure.
-Spark plugs fouled or defective.

If your engine runs erratically
-Spark plugs fouled or defective.
-Incorrect setup and adjustments.
-Fuel is being restricted to the engine.
-Engine fuel filter is obstructed.
-Fuel tank filter obstructed.
-Stuck antisiphon valve on built‑in fuel tank.
-Fuel line is kinked or pinched.
-Injector plugged.
-Threaded connection of an air hose is loose.
-Fuel pump failure.
-Ignition system component failure.

Performance Loss
-Throttle not fully open.
-Damaged propeller or improper propeller size.
-Boat overloaded or load improperly distributed.
-Excessive water in bilge.
-Boat bottom is dirty or damaged.

Battery will not hold charge
-Battery connections are loose or corroded.
-Low electrolyte level in battery.
-Worn out or inefficient battery.
-Excessive use of electrical accessories.
-Defective rectifier, alternator, or voltage regulator.
-Open circuit in the alternator output wire (fused link).

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