Mechanical Controls

Side Mounts

Although the side-mount control is very similar to the panel-mount control, it is different. Both types of control are mounted on the sidewall inside the boat. However, the side-mount is for outboard engines only, and the mechanical box and harness/throttle and shift cables are visible. On panel- or flush-mount controls, only the bezel and handle are visible and the mechanical box, wires, and cables are hidden behind the wall of the boat.

Flush/Panel Mounts

Panel (flush) mount controls are very similar to side mount versions, as both are attached to the side wall inside the boat. However, panel (flush) mount controls have the mechanical box hidden inside the inner wall with only the bezel and handle exposed. All of our MPC 4000 panel controls have a soft grip for comfort and a lanyard switch mounted on the bezel for safety. They come with or without trim buttons, with different features for outboard or MerCruiser applications. The control operates both throttle and shift functions.

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