Minn Kota Waterproof (IPX7) Battery Charger MK210A - 2 x 12 Volt


Minn Kota Waterproof (IPX7) Battery Charger MK210A - 1 x 12 Volt 10 Amp or 2 x 12 Volt 5 Amp Outlets (114584)

Minn Kota Onboard Battery Charger MK210A - 3 Stage Charging - Lead Acid or AGM Batteries - Input 230/240VAC

Minn Kota Battery Charger - Onboard

Suitable for permanent onboard mounting. Available in two models to suit single or dual battery bank installations. Provides fully automatic, multi-stage charging to maintain the batteries. By controlling the current and voltage during the charging cycle, Minn Kota® chargers recharge faster than conventional automotive battery chargers while preventing over charging which can damage and shorten battery life. They include an automatic temperature compensation feature that adjusts the output
voltage to assure the battery reaches its gassing threshold and achieves a full charge. The temperature compensation feature also protects the batteries from 'boiling'.

* Fully Automatic 3-Stage Charging - bulk, absorption and maintenance cycles
* Automatic Temperature Compensation - Delivers fast charging recovery, even in extreme temperatures, while protecting batteries from overcharging
* LED Display - Indicates power on, charging, full charge and faulty connection
* Waterproof, Shock and Vibration Resistant - Heavy duty construction, waterproof to IPX7
* Short Circuit, Reverse Polarity & Ignition Protected - A safety feature which prevents the charger from operating if incorrectly connected to the battery
* Saltwater Tested
* For use with 12V/6 cell batteries - Suitable for 50 to 130 amp hour rated, flooded wet cell, maintenance free or starved electrolyte (AGM) batteries only

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