Which shaft do I need?

If you want a bow mounted motor then you take the length from the top of the bow (where the motor would be mounted) to the waterline when the boat is loaded. You then add 20 inches to that number and then round up to the next longest shaft if you have to. So, if the distance from the bow to the water is 15 inches then you will add 20 inches to that. You come up with 35 inches but find that there is no motor for the brand you want with a 35 inch shaft. Therefore, all you have to do is round up to the 36 inch shaft. Simple, right?

Bow to Waterline Shaft Length
0-10 inches 30 inches
11-16 inches 36 inches
17-22 inches 42 inches
23-30 inches 50 inches
31-34 inches 54 inches

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